Why should you learn to perform CPR?  Here is an email we received from one of our students yesterday:

“I just performed my first CPR for real last Friday at work. I was first on scene so was the lead, did rapid assessment and started CPR. We had a AED which arrived about 4 minutes after my request for it and it provided a shock on first cycle. By the time EMS arrived about 15 minutes later, he had a faint pulse and was breathing, though it was labored. It has been a tough few days for the person, but the individual is now sitting up in bed and talking up a storm.

Your class paid off!”
CPR and AED usage is easy to learn. The small investment that you make today may pay off huge for someone later.  This is why you need to learn CPR.  To learn more about our courses or to sign up, call 702-GEMS-911 (702-436-7911) or visit http://training.lasvegasambulance.com.