September 12, 2018 – Guardian Elite Medical Services was honored by the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce as a recipient of the Business Excellence Award in the Global Benefactor category.  The Global Benefactor category is for those companies with an unstoppable vision and positive impact on society.  22 other companies were honored for Business Excellence in categories that included Game Changers, Legendary Leaders, and Magical Teams.

According to the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, Guardian Elite Medical Services was selected to receive this award for their commitment to the City of Las Vegas and to further build the Las Vegas Valley.  Other recipients in the Global Benefactor category included:

• Allegiant 

• The Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix

• The Las Vegas Rescue Mission

• SilverSummit Healthplan

Other recipients of the 2018 Business Excellence Award included:

• American Medical Response/MedicWest Ambulance for their leadership during the October 1 incident

• Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center

• Nathan Adelson Hospice

• Helping Hands of Vegas Valley

• Blind Center of Nevada

• Vegas Golden Knights

This is Guardian Elite Medical Service’s second time being honored for the Business Excellence Award.  In 2013, Guardian Elite Medical Services received a Business Excellence Award in the Trailblazers category for their contributions to the special event industry in Las Vegas.

Guardian Elite Medical Services is an ambulance service and training center in Las Vegas, NV.  Guardian Elite Medical Services started providing special event medical coverage and first aid services to Las Vegas in 2011 and recently began full ambulance operations and educating new EMTs on March 1, 2018.  For more information about Guardian Elite Medical Services, call 702-436-7911 or go to

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