Ted Milano has been named as an Affiliate Faculty member with the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians.  Specifically Mr. Milano will be overseeing NAEMT’s Emergency Vehicle Operations and Safety (EVOS) course.  As an Affiliate Faculty member, Mr. Milano will have oversight on program quality and instructor selection within the State of Nevada.  Currently, Mr. Milano is the only EVOS Affiliate Faculty member for the State of Nevada.

This 16 hour course teaches pre-hospital providers to safely arrive at the scene of an incident.  “The biggest risk factor for our EMTs and Paramedics is driving,” says Ted Milano.  “Whether it is driving through an intersection, responding with lights and sirens to a scene, or parking at a traffic accident; driving is what kills or injures more EMTs and Paramedics than any other cause each year.”  According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, there were 4,500 crashes involving ambulances between 1992 and 2011. The goal of the EVOS program is to reduce this number and ensure pre-hospital providers arrive to their scenes alive.

The basis of the EVOS course, is that you cannot be of any benefit to the patient if you cannot make it.  Topics include safe driving, spatial awareness, and laws governing ambulances.  The first day of the course is spent in the classroom where students discuss various aspects of ambulance operations.  The second day is spent behind the wheel, where students get hands on practice with driving an ambulance.

For more information about the EVOS program, go to training.lasvegasambulance.com or https://www.naemt.org/education/ems-vehicle-operator-safety/evos-courses.  To see the list of courses, including the next EVOS course, go to https://bookwhen.com/gemslv.