Las Vegas Paramedic and Guardian Elite Medical Services employee John Foster was released from rehabilitation after a 5 month battle with COVID-19.  John was originally admitted to the hospital with symptoms consistent with the novel virus and placed on a ventilator a short time later.  With the help of nurses and physicians providing round the clock care, John was able to fight the virus, however he had to be sent to rehabilitation to re-learn how to walk, eat, and perform other daily living functions as the virus left him destroyed.  On August 28, 2020, John was released from rehabilitation and will continue his recovery at home.

John has been a Paramedic with Guardian Elite Medical Services since 2012.  “We are very excited to see John leave rehabilitation and are looking forward to when he can return back to work,” says Guardian Elite Medical Services Chief Executive Officer Samuel Scheller.  “It hit all of us hard when we found out he contracted the COVID-19 virus and became really sick.  We are all rooting for him and happy to see that he pulled through this.”  According to John, “wear your mask and wash your hands to help prevent the spread of the virus.”

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