Guardian Elite Medical Services is breaking boundaries once again by holding an incredible educational event. We had a successful first EMS refresher that was filled with many exhilarating topics. This event was comprised of:

An EMS refresher that offered 30 CUE/CME educational hours. The refresher was held as a way for EMS personnel to receive necessary continuing educational hours to renew their certifications as well as gain access to the most up to date medical information, to better serve their community.

With our unique topics we were able to unite First Responders in a K-9 First Aid and Active Shooter lecture. We took the initiative to unify all emergency response personnel (Police, Firefighters, EMTs, and Paramedics) to better care for the K-9 members of the community that are in the field and susceptible to injury.

“This topic is something that is rarely spoken about outside of various K-9 teams,” says Samuel Scheller, CEO at Guardian Elite Medical Services. “We hope to be able to shed some light on how our EMS community can work together to support our non-human partners.”

And we wrapped up with an Instructor Symposium worth 4 CME hours. We were able to bring educators from all entities to learn together about teaching styles.

“The symposium is an integral part of our EMS Refresher that allows educators from numerous entities to come together and share information.” stated Nicole Brown, “This event was especially important this year because it is the first and only symposium that has been held thus far.”

In addition to having unique topics and inviting other branches of the First Responder community we were able to also incorporate an EMS Instructor Symposium. Holding this one stop shop for EMS education was a big step into the future of GEMS educational branch. Stay tuned for our next educational event!