Guardian Elite Medical Services begins non-emergency ambulance services within the City of Las Vegas on March 1


New operations will create 50 additional jobs at locally owned small business


LAS VEGAS – Guardian Elite Medical Services will begin providing non-emergency ambulance services within the City of Las Vegas beginning March 1.


The start of the contract represents a major step forward for Guardian Elite Medical Services, which is a small, locally-owned business founded on the eastside of the Las Vegas Valley in 2011. It also reflects the commitment of the Las Vegas City Council to invest in improving medical care for its residents and visitors.


Las Vegas City Council approved the ambulance franchise agreement with Guardian Medical Services on Nov. 15, 2017. The contract is for five years with an option to extend for an additional five years after that. Prior to the November vote, the City of Las Vegas had capped itself at three ambulatory service providers. Now there are four.


Guardian Medical Services currently has seven ambulances, two quick response vehicles and a first-aid trailer. The company employs approximately 60 part-time EMTs and paramedics. With the expansion it hopes to nearly double that by adding incrementally an additional 50 part-time positions.


“This is a huge opportunity for us,” says owner Samuel Scheller. “We are a small, homebred company. We can now put more ambulances out there and decrease response times. It allows us to expand a service and take care of people who need to be taken care of.”


“Non-emergency ambulance services” primarily refers to transporting people from one medical facility to another (ex. taking a non-critical patient from Centennial Hospital to University Medical Center). Ambulance services are required to respond to these transport requests within 19 minutes and 59 seconds, or 1 hour, depending on whether the dispatcher labels is a priority transport or non-priority.



Locally owned and operated, Guardian Elite Medical Services, LLC was founded in 2011 by Paramedic Samuel Scheller, MBA, NRP. Guardian Elite Medical Services specializes in providing high-quality medical coverage at special events, including Life is Beautiful, the Consumer Electronics Show, First Friday and sets for movie productions. All ambulances are fully stocked and licensed by the Southern Nevada Health District and the State of Nevada. Additionally, Guardian Medical Services provides CPR, First Aid and EMS training for thousands of people each year. GEMS is located at 2830 Ferne Drive, Building E, Las Vegas, NV 89104.



Samuel Scheller founded the locally owned and operated Guardian Elite Medial Services in 2011. Scheller began his career as an EMT at age 18, and then moved onto becoming a paramedic at age 21. He attended Paramedic School at the College of Southern Nevada, earned a bachelor’s degree in Emergency Medical Services from the University of New Mexico, and an MBA with a concentration in homeland security from American Public University.


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Feb. 28, 2018



Samuel Scheller, MBA, NRP

Chief Executive Officer/EMS Chief