DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) is a product that newer diesel engines are required to have to reduce the amount of diesel exhaust that comes off the vehicle.  DEF fluid needs to be occasionally refilled.  When it is time to refill DEF fluid, there will be a warning light on the ambulance advising to refill the DEF fluid.  If the DEF fluid is not refilled in time the ambulance will fail to operate appropriately and the ambulance will need to be towed back to the nearest DEF location.



Most gas stations, especially those that sell diesel fuel have DEF fluid available inside the convenience store.  In an emergency (ie. out of town transport, you failed to fill in time and are down to the last 5 miles, etc.) go into any gas station and purchase DEF fluid using your personal money or if you were issued a company credit card, place it on the company credit card.  Be sure to submit a receipt for reimbursement.  The fuel card will not work when making purchase in the convenience store.  Otherwise, there are some locations around the Las Vegas Valley that have DEF fuel available at the pump and the company fuel card will work to refill DEF.

Sinclair Gas Station – Charleston and Sandhill

1190 Sandhill Road
Las Vegas, NV 89104

This gas station is not be used for refueling vehicles due to its low fuel quality, however you are authorized to fill up on DEF.  There is a single DEF tank on the east side of the gas station.  It can be identified by the clear, above ground tank and the blue lettering.

Sinclair Gas Station – Tropicana and Decatur

The Sinclair Gas Station at Tropicana and Decatur has a large DEF tank.   The gas station is on the southeast corner of the intersection.  There is not a card reader at the pump.  To use the DEF pump at this station you must take your card inside to the cashier.  Have the cashier place $20 on the fuel card.  Be sure that you know the mileage of the vehicle as it is required for purchase.  Go back to the truck and pump the DEF into your truck.  Employees have noted that sometimes the pump does not work due to a mechanical issue where the spring on the pump that the nozzle is taken from does not pop into place which allows the DEF to dispense.  If you have a problem, all you need to do is stick your finger into the door that the nozzle came from and pop the metal piece backwards.  In other words, the silver thing should be in the upright position.  DEF should then dispense.  Be careful, because this pump does not have automatic shut off, so DEF will overflow if you are not careful.

Mortons Flying J – Losee and Cheyenne

1000 E Cheyenne
Las Vegas, NV 89030

To refill DEF you will need to enter on the commercial side where the 18 wheeler trucks fill up.  This will be on the east side of the convenience store.

Railroad Pass Travel Center – Chevron

1500 Railroad Pass Casino Road
Boulder City, NV 89005

The Railroad Pass Travel Center is located between Henderson and Boulder City, right before you enter into Boulder City.  The DEF pumps are going to be located on the east side of the property, where the tractor trailer vehicles fuel.  Only the far east pumps have DEF fluid.  At the time I wrote this, there was not an updated airiel map to show where the pumps were. This is a great spot to get DEF fluid if your ambulance requires it on the way to Boulder City.

Did you find a new DEF location not listed here?  Email with the DEF location.